Where did the weekend go?

Boy the weekend flew by fast! Didn't get the chance to blog at all, so I have a feeling that will not be possible to do until Monday. Hopefully I remember everything that happened! :)

Saturday.. busy busy! Normal day with my kids, hubby being hubby and having my sister over like always with her spending time with her boyfriend... oh to be 17 again, the fresh love in the air! Oh well... today is better than back when I was 17, I know more, been in love with the same man for 10 years and going strong, have two wonderful children and much more!

Sunday, was trying to relax, get my college work done, organize my photography business stuff and so forth. Well that didn't go as planned... but did get some of it done. Wanted to get my college work done, didn't happen... wanted to do basic cleaning, didn't happen.

Monday... well back to the normal schedule, kinda. Didn't have internet all morning and early afternoon which made for extreme house cleaning today! I got so much done thanks to that and my sister being off of school all week. Thanks Hannah!! Hopefully we get the list all done before I have to take her home tomorrow afternoon/evening. Keep fingers crossed! Luckily I got college work done and hope to have next weeks all done tomorrow before my busy week starts up again.

I'm trying to get my photography business rolling... gotta save up to get my business registered, prices just right, everything transferred over to the new name (personal reasons/problems). Hope to be able to get some business in to pay for what I need to get it going in the right direction.

Well I better get in bed so I'm ready for another day as Mommy...


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