A Two of a New Beginning...

Another new day in my world and it starts early like any other day. Get Zachary up and off to school, while I wait for Jasmine to wake up. Checked my social accounts, emails, websites, blogs and so forth. The hubby off to start his day doing guy stuff... who knows what they really do!

Jasmine woke up again with the horrible cough, made her an appointment with the doctor... the doc said that it wasn't really anything to worry about. Even though the cough keeps her up most of the night, not to worry about it... think she should keep Jazzy over night and see if she thinks it's nothing. Then I'm waiting on the pharmacy for Jazzy's prescriptions, they said the scripts aren't in yet. So went to get a few things needed at home, come back 30 minutes later... "no sorry, there isn't anything here for her." Really?? I just left the doctors office, they said they would call it in right away. Had to go talk to the pharmacist and find out what is going on... still nothing there. Luckily there were refills for one of the scripts she needed. An hour and 20 minutes later, only have one prescription, a crabby little girl and a headache. Just ended up leaving without the other one.

Checking the gas prices and yet again, they are back up! $3.89 a gallon... how do they expect me to pay for it, gonna need a job just to pay for gas and nothing else.

Well... I'm off to get my son from pre-school... be back soon!!


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