What a week, weekend, holiday and every other day

I'm not even sure when to begin! I know its been about a week since my last blog but that just shows how busy I've been. Hopefully you will be able to keep up...

On Wednesday: it was my normal Wednesday, getting Zac off to school, my sister watched my daughter while I went to work. It didn't seem like I got very much done at work but thinking about it, I couldn't take many photographs as the rain wouldn't stop or even have a very long break in between.

On Thursday: Again a normal everyday as before, busy being a Mommy! Not a whole lot to talk about this day other than yet again stupid people are going around stating my hubby isn't his... come on, any one that has seen my daughter in person along with my hubby can clearly see that he is. They've done this once before, last year, guess they really are bored. The horrible part I found out about this rumor from my friend that was at work, from her friend that is dating another friend that lives here at the apartments that just happened to know those stupid people. Think they thought she was fresh meat and had to go talk about my business to her but luckily she knew better. Gotta love drama! Oh well!

On Friday, well let's say that was a fun day! A few different things came up, some things I got done and others that were put on hold and a few other things. Overall fun!!

On Saturday: well another busy day... my girlfriend, her husband and myself took our kids to see the Easter Bunny. That sure was fun! The older ones were ready to see him, the baby didn't care but Jazzy was a different story. She wanted to see him, but when we got a few feet away, she smacked me with both her hands at the same time while kicking me and telling me "no!". What fun that was! We did get a photo with all the kids in it, as soon as I find my printer's power cable I will scan and upload. It's too cute!

On Sunday: Of course it was Easter, almost forgot to set up the baskets and all the night before... luckily I remembered before I fell asleep. I hide the baskets for the kids to find, Jazzy was in heaven with what she discovered in hers and so was Zac. We ended up celebrating Easter with Jess and the whole family. They sure know how to make it all about the kids, which was so very nice! Hope everyone had a great Easter!!

And for today: nothing but cleaning, school work, trying to write a term essay that is due tonight. Gonna have fun tomorrow night, I'm having a Pure Romance party with my favorite consultant!!


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