Just another Busy Day as a Mommy

Today started like any other day, wake up around 7:30am to get Zac up and ready for the bus.

Jazzy took her time this morning getting up. Change her diaper and dressed her. Poor girl woke up coughing like crazy, wish this weather would make up it's mind. She is whiny, nose running, nothing seems to go her way today. She got her foot stuck in between the crib rail and the mattress, thought maybe she really hurt her ankle though it looks like it will be ok, swollen a little but she is walking just fine.
My girlfriend, Jess stopped over for the day with her two children. Hung out at the apartment, watch some TV, take care of the kids, my daughter's Help Me Grow teacher stopped over, made some baskets for Easter and fed the kids then put three of them down for naps including Jess.

Me trying to get my college work completed and turned in by tonight. Ended up getting an assignment and one discussion topic down in one class and hope to get the other two discussion topics down in the other class by midnight tonight if possible.

Did a little running around our town, which isn't very big to begin with. Stopped at Circle K to grab milk, as milk seems to be going out of style here at the apartment. Stopped over at the car dealership to make a payment on Jess's truck, see my lovely hubby. Talk some business with a friend there, both about my photography and my mark. stuff. 

My sister calls me to come pick her up from school, since she stayed after to set up tables for bingo. Of course I can't say no to her! Told her she had to wait until I got Zac from pre-school... So we ended up in Thompson, driving in the rain and the temperatures were dropping. I can't wait for the weather to stay nice, at least 60 degrees! 

It doesn't seem like I ever stop saying... "stop that!", "sit down!", "leave your sister along!", and so forth. I know he knows how to be play nice, listen... he does it at school but why can't he bring it home with him?? I've asked his teacher's and he is great there! Very helpful, polite to his friend's and all! Think I need 5 minutes to myself somehow, a break for an hour would be nice but not until both kids are sleeping, even then it's not really a break... it more like "on call" for the night. 

My sister's boyfriend stopped over to pick up a permission slip for prom! Can't believe she is going to prom already... really can't believe she will be 18 in October! It's amazing how time flys!!  Wish there was some way to slow the kids from growing so fast right in front of us.

Figuring out what I'm going to make for dinner... thinking of smoke sausage, potatoes and corn. :)

Well I better get off of here and get back to Mommy Life. I will share a photo of my little family tomorrow. Good Night!!

Finally figured it out, wasn't what I was thinking... but it was good!


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