A Day in the Life as A Mommy

Hello Everyone! 

This is my first blog post for a new beginning... this is were I'm going to share my amazing day with my children and all the joys & headaches that may come. With this first post, I'm sharing a little about myself, my children and my wonderful hubby! Everything (well almost everything) and anything I come across through out the day I will be sharing in a post at the end of each day.

A little about myself...
My name is Amy, I'm 26 going on 21! I'm a stay at home mother of 7, Freddie, my wonderful hubby of ten years, Zachary (5), my little man, little miss Jasmine (1), Sassy & Pixie and Blazer, our furry children.

I'm a...
woman, mother, wife, licensed chauffeur, gourmet chef, skilled maid, chemist, proficient janitor, nurse, qualified technician, peace keeper, photographer, an Engineer, detective, coach, teacher, human pack mule, bilingual translator and can multi-task. I'm probably leaving something out but that's what I can think of right now. 

I'm currently attending college for my BA majoring in Photography. I'm slowly starting up my own photography studio called Dimples n Giggles Photography.

I'm an independent sales rep. for mark.
mark. is a great new line of make up and accessories from Avon. It’s made just for girls/women who want to make their “mark” on the world.

Most importantly... I am Mommy!

Thank you for reading, following my blog or whatever you came here for.... I look forward to sharing my experiences with you! 



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