Things are coming together...slowly!

Finally things are falling into place over in my little world!

My blog is becoming...
offers product reviews
a guest blogger
a blog hop with voiceBoks
a place to share giveaways
more organized!

The other pages that don't have any content will very soon!! Please be patient with me while I get things together for those pages. I finally have an email just for my blogging friends/communities! And soon ( I hope!) I should have a great blog design!

My gossipers are slowing down on what I did and didn't do. LOL! It seems like my 'life' is so much better than a Days! Oh well!! Maybe I can become stress-free for a change, enjoy my children as they won't stay little very long, concentrate on my studies, put forth my businesses, mostly my photography but am trying to get my mark. out there to at least be able to pay for my gas since these prices are outrage!

But for now, I'm going to get off of here and hopefully get some sleep! The storms last night/morning kept us up.

What a week, weekend, holiday and every other day

I'm not even sure when to begin! I know its been about a week since my last blog but that just shows how busy I've been. Hopefully you will be able to keep up...

On Wednesday: it was my normal Wednesday, getting Zac off to school, my sister watched my daughter while I went to work. It didn't seem like I got very much done at work but thinking about it, I couldn't take many photographs as the rain wouldn't stop or even have a very long break in between.

On Thursday: Again a normal everyday as before, busy being a Mommy! Not a whole lot to talk about this day other than yet again stupid people are going around stating my hubby isn't his... come on, any one that has seen my daughter in person along with my hubby can clearly see that he is. They've done this once before, last year, guess they really are bored. The horrible part I found out about this rumor from my friend that was at work, from her friend that is dating another friend that lives here at the apartments that just happened to know those stupid people. Think they thought she was fresh meat and had to go talk about my business to her but luckily she knew better. Gotta love drama! Oh well!

On Friday, well let's say that was a fun day! A few different things came up, some things I got done and others that were put on hold and a few other things. Overall fun!!

On Saturday: well another busy day... my girlfriend, her husband and myself took our kids to see the Easter Bunny. That sure was fun! The older ones were ready to see him, the baby didn't care but Jazzy was a different story. She wanted to see him, but when we got a few feet away, she smacked me with both her hands at the same time while kicking me and telling me "no!". What fun that was! We did get a photo with all the kids in it, as soon as I find my printer's power cable I will scan and upload. It's too cute!

On Sunday: Of course it was Easter, almost forgot to set up the baskets and all the night before... luckily I remembered before I fell asleep. I hide the baskets for the kids to find, Jazzy was in heaven with what she discovered in hers and so was Zac. We ended up celebrating Easter with Jess and the whole family. They sure know how to make it all about the kids, which was so very nice! Hope everyone had a great Easter!!

And for today: nothing but cleaning, school work, trying to write a term essay that is due tonight. Gonna have fun tomorrow night, I'm having a Pure Romance party with my favorite consultant!!

Things are almost done...

I have had so many projects going at once, not able to get one done until I get the other done and so forth.

I sat with my daughter, we laid out her babies... tried to count them and I believe I counted up to 30! I think she doesn't need anymore! LOL!

Finally got my fan page on FB for my photography all done and organized... two photos are being a pain in the butt, hopefully I will be able to upload them later.

I was on a cleaning kick yesterday!! I didn't want to be bothered, once started don't stop. Yes, I was caffeinated big time and very glad I was. My apartment needed it badly, gonna have another day like that to finish the rest of the rooms. Thursday sounds good! :)

I was going through my son's book-bag and there was a letter for me to confirm my appointment with his pre-school teacher about the transition into Kindergarten. I can't believe my little boy is going to be 6!! The time sure flew by fast.
                                           From this sweet little boy

To a handsome little man

Been reading blogs from other Moms and boy! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has her days! :) I'm so unorganized on my blog, please be patient with me while my blog goes "under the knife, or in this case, under photoshop!". I hope to create my own layout, buttons and much more! Any ideas of a design, please share with me. Love ideas!!

I have many ideas for my blog, ideas like... a blog train one day, another day a deal & steals, maybe one that will feature a WAHM business, maybe on Fridays something to do with photos (I love photography!!). Any ideas are welcome & appreciated! If there is something you would like to see on my blog, just let me know. I'm open to just about anything and everything.

Where did the weekend go?

Boy the weekend flew by fast! Didn't get the chance to blog at all, so I have a feeling that will not be possible to do until Monday. Hopefully I remember everything that happened! :)

Saturday.. busy busy! Normal day with my kids, hubby being hubby and having my sister over like always with her spending time with her boyfriend... oh to be 17 again, the fresh love in the air! Oh well... today is better than back when I was 17, I know more, been in love with the same man for 10 years and going strong, have two wonderful children and much more!

Sunday, was trying to relax, get my college work done, organize my photography business stuff and so forth. Well that didn't go as planned... but did get some of it done. Wanted to get my college work done, didn't happen... wanted to do basic cleaning, didn't happen.

Monday... well back to the normal schedule, kinda. Didn't have internet all morning and early afternoon which made for extreme house cleaning today! I got so much done thanks to that and my sister being off of school all week. Thanks Hannah!! Hopefully we get the list all done before I have to take her home tomorrow afternoon/evening. Keep fingers crossed! Luckily I got college work done and hope to have next weeks all done tomorrow before my busy week starts up again.

I'm trying to get my photography business rolling... gotta save up to get my business registered, prices just right, everything transferred over to the new name (personal reasons/problems). Hope to be able to get some business in to pay for what I need to get it going in the right direction.

Well I better get in bed so I'm ready for another day as Mommy...

Busy Bee

Boy I have been busy!

Thursday, I babysat & had a friend and her baby over on top of my two.

Friday, my friend came back over, we did a little shopping & lunch. I picked up my sister for the weekend; my best friend came over with her family and so forth. My little apartment was getting crowded! On top of this, had some pain in my butt problems to take care of. Hopefully, everything will be taken care of in that department soon!! (long story!) I had plans for Friday but they really didn't get done, hoping today I will get some done before anyone puts a hold on them.

I'm hoping to be able to take a better portrait of myself, get my photography business underway, get the apartment cleaned, yet again! Hope to get most if not all my college assignments & quizzes done before my daughter wakes up from her nap. So much to do, in such little time. I'm off for now until later tonight (hopefully!) I'll share more photos...

Busy day yesterday & the beginning today off just as busy....

My day was so busy yesterday that I didn't get the chance to blog, so here is how my day went. I was able to do a few of my favorite things, photography cars for our local dealership and upload them to their website. I love photograph, love cars and love playing on the computer!! I was able to enjoy the weather when it did get warmer and dryer, the sun did peek out finally.

I got a little break from my mommy life, thankfully my own mommy was able to take care of my children for the day. Jasmine sure kept her on her toes, running to one thing, my mom would get up and Jazzy would run the other way to another thing she wasn't suppose to have. My mom sure got her exercise for the day and some of her sexy back!

The best feeling ever is coming home and your children running to the door, happy to see you! They practically jump into my arms... what a great feeling. Today its bad to normal... no happy to see me kind of feeling. I get to experience once again how it is to take care of a 6 mos. old. I was asked to watch my friends little one while her and her husband slept since they work 3rd shift... of course I have a rule... "I don't watch children under the age of my daughter." well... me, of course I made only one exception... I would watch her son when no one else could. I said yes and woke up this morning to her knocking... my kids weren't even up yet so there is no need for me to be up... well I'm up, nice and early, watching her baby. Oh well... this is just a reminder why I'm not having any more kids.


                                           Wish I could sleep so soundly!
What a little mother my daughter is turning into...

When she first started playing with her babies (26 or more babies later), she wasn't so nice. She would beat them, throw them. Now she feeds them, puts them to bed and hugs them. Heaven forbid she doesn't get to play with the real baby that is sleeping so nicely in the pack n play.

Anyways... I'm off of here for a little while. I'll be back sometime today to blog about how the day went, any cute stories or finds I come across today. While the baby is napping now, gonna go do my Zumba... may not get a chance later... gotta get my sexy back!!

What a Day...

After picking Zachary up from school, my lovely headache started. This time is was really bad and didn't go away until a little bit ago, I had it for about five hours straight. Ended up putting Jazzy down early for bed since she hasn't been sleeping very well with this cough of hers... poor girl.

Zachary sure is growing up fast! He has his moments where the attitude could be less but what do you expect from a five year old. The stories that come out of his mouth are so cute... will have to blog about a few in the future. Little Jasmine is starting to talk up a storm as well, not too sure if I'm ready for all of that. What a diva she is! Very much a girl, loves to shop, take care (well kinda, if you consider throwing taken care of) her many babies (not many, only about 26 the last time I counted).

It seems like I'm a broken recorded some times that I just want to throw myself out the window. How come the only way to get the kids attention is to yell instead of just talking? Really... do we have to get mommy mad before we will listen to her or even acknowledge that she is watching us? One day they will realize how it's like. :)

I've came across another Mom Blogger, she blogged about becoming a SEXY MOM. A few ideas I've consider to help myself become SEXY MOM along with an article I read in Parenting. I have started this afternoon with my Zumba and will continue tomorrow with a few exercises from the article. I will be posting a before photo as to keep track any differences if any, not really looking to loose weigh but to tone everything back (hopefully) since having my babies. 

Here is a photo of my little stars of the show...

Well I'm off for the night, to get a few things done before I head to bed. Long day planned for tomorrow and hopefully get to cross off a few things off the list. Good Night!!

A Two of a New Beginning...

Another new day in my world and it starts early like any other day. Get Zachary up and off to school, while I wait for Jasmine to wake up. Checked my social accounts, emails, websites, blogs and so forth. The hubby off to start his day doing guy stuff... who knows what they really do!

Jasmine woke up again with the horrible cough, made her an appointment with the doctor... the doc said that it wasn't really anything to worry about. Even though the cough keeps her up most of the night, not to worry about it... think she should keep Jazzy over night and see if she thinks it's nothing. Then I'm waiting on the pharmacy for Jazzy's prescriptions, they said the scripts aren't in yet. So went to get a few things needed at home, come back 30 minutes later... "no sorry, there isn't anything here for her." Really?? I just left the doctors office, they said they would call it in right away. Had to go talk to the pharmacist and find out what is going on... still nothing there. Luckily there were refills for one of the scripts she needed. An hour and 20 minutes later, only have one prescription, a crabby little girl and a headache. Just ended up leaving without the other one.

Checking the gas prices and yet again, they are back up! $3.89 a gallon... how do they expect me to pay for it, gonna need a job just to pay for gas and nothing else.

Well... I'm off to get my son from pre-school... be back soon!!

Just another Busy Day as a Mommy

Today started like any other day, wake up around 7:30am to get Zac up and ready for the bus.

Jazzy took her time this morning getting up. Change her diaper and dressed her. Poor girl woke up coughing like crazy, wish this weather would make up it's mind. She is whiny, nose running, nothing seems to go her way today. She got her foot stuck in between the crib rail and the mattress, thought maybe she really hurt her ankle though it looks like it will be ok, swollen a little but she is walking just fine.
My girlfriend, Jess stopped over for the day with her two children. Hung out at the apartment, watch some TV, take care of the kids, my daughter's Help Me Grow teacher stopped over, made some baskets for Easter and fed the kids then put three of them down for naps including Jess.

Me trying to get my college work completed and turned in by tonight. Ended up getting an assignment and one discussion topic down in one class and hope to get the other two discussion topics down in the other class by midnight tonight if possible.

Did a little running around our town, which isn't very big to begin with. Stopped at Circle K to grab milk, as milk seems to be going out of style here at the apartment. Stopped over at the car dealership to make a payment on Jess's truck, see my lovely hubby. Talk some business with a friend there, both about my photography and my mark. stuff. 

My sister calls me to come pick her up from school, since she stayed after to set up tables for bingo. Of course I can't say no to her! Told her she had to wait until I got Zac from pre-school... So we ended up in Thompson, driving in the rain and the temperatures were dropping. I can't wait for the weather to stay nice, at least 60 degrees! 

It doesn't seem like I ever stop saying... "stop that!", "sit down!", "leave your sister along!", and so forth. I know he knows how to be play nice, listen... he does it at school but why can't he bring it home with him?? I've asked his teacher's and he is great there! Very helpful, polite to his friend's and all! Think I need 5 minutes to myself somehow, a break for an hour would be nice but not until both kids are sleeping, even then it's not really a break... it more like "on call" for the night. 

My sister's boyfriend stopped over to pick up a permission slip for prom! Can't believe she is going to prom already... really can't believe she will be 18 in October! It's amazing how time flys!!  Wish there was some way to slow the kids from growing so fast right in front of us.

Figuring out what I'm going to make for dinner... thinking of smoke sausage, potatoes and corn. :)

Well I better get off of here and get back to Mommy Life. I will share a photo of my little family tomorrow. Good Night!!

Finally figured it out, wasn't what I was thinking... but it was good!

A Day in the Life as A Mommy

Hello Everyone! 

This is my first blog post for a new beginning... this is were I'm going to share my amazing day with my children and all the joys & headaches that may come. With this first post, I'm sharing a little about myself, my children and my wonderful hubby! Everything (well almost everything) and anything I come across through out the day I will be sharing in a post at the end of each day.

A little about myself...
My name is Amy, I'm 26 going on 21! I'm a stay at home mother of 7, Freddie, my wonderful hubby of ten years, Zachary (5), my little man, little miss Jasmine (1), Sassy & Pixie and Blazer, our furry children.

I'm a...
woman, mother, wife, licensed chauffeur, gourmet chef, skilled maid, chemist, proficient janitor, nurse, qualified technician, peace keeper, photographer, an Engineer, detective, coach, teacher, human pack mule, bilingual translator and can multi-task. I'm probably leaving something out but that's what I can think of right now. 

I'm currently attending college for my BA majoring in Photography. I'm slowly starting up my own photography studio called Dimples n Giggles Photography.

I'm an independent sales rep. for mark.
mark. is a great new line of make up and accessories from Avon. It’s made just for girls/women who want to make their “mark” on the world.

Most importantly... I am Mommy!

Thank you for reading, following my blog or whatever you came here for.... I look forward to sharing my experiences with you! 

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