What a Day...

After picking Zachary up from school, my lovely headache started. This time is was really bad and didn't go away until a little bit ago, I had it for about five hours straight. Ended up putting Jazzy down early for bed since she hasn't been sleeping very well with this cough of hers... poor girl.

Zachary sure is growing up fast! He has his moments where the attitude could be less but what do you expect from a five year old. The stories that come out of his mouth are so cute... will have to blog about a few in the future. Little Jasmine is starting to talk up a storm as well, not too sure if I'm ready for all of that. What a diva she is! Very much a girl, loves to shop, take care (well kinda, if you consider throwing taken care of) her many babies (not many, only about 26 the last time I counted).

It seems like I'm a broken recorded some times that I just want to throw myself out the window. How come the only way to get the kids attention is to yell instead of just talking? Really... do we have to get mommy mad before we will listen to her or even acknowledge that she is watching us? One day they will realize how it's like. :)

I've came across another Mom Blogger, she blogged about becoming a SEXY MOM. A few ideas I've consider to help myself become SEXY MOM along with an article I read in Parenting. I have started this afternoon with my Zumba and will continue tomorrow with a few exercises from the article. I will be posting a before photo as to keep track any differences if any, not really looking to loose weigh but to tone everything back (hopefully) since having my babies. 

Here is a photo of my little stars of the show...

Well I'm off for the night, to get a few things done before I head to bed. Long day planned for tomorrow and hopefully get to cross off a few things off the list. Good Night!!


Christina said...

Hi! Came across your blog from bloggy moms. Im an Ohio mommy too!! Following you now! I hope you check out my blog if you get a chance! www.ahappysimplelife.blogspot.com

Lexie Lane said...

I have no idea what a Zumba is, but so far, everyone I know that's been trying it seems to have it working for them. I wish you luck! I know I definitely need to get the ball rolling on that!

BTW, thanks so much for signing up on voiceBoks.com. I hope you can make good use of our site. Our members are VERY responsive and are always on top of their communication with everyone on our site. I hope you take advantage of it as we are going to be relaunching it to be a really great site for all that pertains to motherhood.

Love your blog.

Lexie Lane

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