Great weather, busy day of a Mommy

Just can't believe this weather is finally here (just don't like Mother Nature know!) for a few days anyways. I'm sure it will be just a tease like the other day or so we had before. I did get a little sun unlike a few friends, they burned but I became a golden brown and soon will be darker (gotta love being Italian!). A little more to my little project of Sexy Back!!

I'm trying to get caught back up with my blogs, my posting, emails and so much more. Hopefully I get most of them done before I get too tired (my alarm clock went off a little earlier then normal, 6am! but I love her too much)

I just figured out the labels on my posts now just to remember to complete them before I publish my posts... (need a really big sticky note) as I have a ton every where on my desk to help remind me of things (little distractions about 19 mos. & 5 yrs. old).

Some days I really dislike cleaning, it never fails. I get one room all clean where you can eat off the floor without getting anything on it and someone comes over and destroys it! I'm thinking of going on strike or even better, have only a day or two where they could come over and the rest of the week is normal for us. Didn't realize how company coming over every day can really mess up our routine so badly. This may be the biggest reason why it is so hard for me to find my me time.

The meeting with my son's preschool teacher and IEP team went very well. He is already for Kindergarten in the fall and will have Speech Therapy during the summer. I don't think I've mentioned it before but my son has a Speech Problem and thankfully for those wonderful therapists and teachers, I can't seem to get him to be silent for more than two seconds now! Just can't believe he is growing so fast, I brought him a big boy bike! Love him so much, just wish I could find that magic potion to keep him little longer, just a little longer both him and his sister.

Speaking of his sister, I was able to talk her out of getting another baby doll and she got a really big pink ball. Don't think I could do that again! She was very upset that I wasn't getting her a 20 inch bike like her brother that had the Disney Princesses and all! Heaven forbid I didn't get it.

Well it's getting late here and I have a good feeling that my alarm clock will go off just as early as this morning. Good Night!!


Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!

Have a nice day!

S. Greiner said...

Love your title and description on your blog header...super cute!

Coming over from voiceBoks! Feel free to stop by!

Have a great week!

Kathy said...

Great to find your blog! I found you through Voiceboks and am now a happy follower! My youngest is finishing up his first year in kindergarten and he has speech issues as well. It is a big transition but it is so much fun!! I love this age, they are so precious as they start to really come into themselves. I also have a princess, who is 9 and she would only touch a ball if it is pink! I look foward to reading more! Thanks!

Babymama said...

Doesn't every day feel like the busiest day when you're a mommy? Sigh.

New follower from voiceboks. Hope you'll stop by to check out "our closet"!


Ronae said...

Thrilled to be a new follower from voiceBoks:-)

Sounds like your kids are such challenging precious joys! My oldest daughter didn't talk for YEARS, then had the hardest time with her diction - used to scare me so bad thinking she would never speak right. But after alot of hard work and some wonderful people (turns out she had a partial hearing problem), she turned out just fine.

I hear you on the challenge of finding 'me' time - wish I could send you a couple of extra hours every week!

Guess I'll settle for sending you courage and hope, and a little extra energy thrown in there:-)

RJ, the HOPE Coach

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Verionca, thanks for stopping by!!

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@S., thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to stop by your blog!

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Kathy, thanks for stopping by! Some days I think to myself, why did I send him to school?? I can't get him to shut up now!! LOL! But I love it so much! I just can't believe how much he has grown, seems like yesterday I had him.

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Babymama, Everyday sure is the busiest day when you're the Mommy but I wouldn't trade it for anything... well maybe a little more sleep but I hope to be able to do that soon... some day... maybe! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to stop by your blog!

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Ronae, thanks for stopping by! They sure are! I'm not too worried about his speech, it runs in the family, my grandmother, mom and myself didn't talk until the age of 4. My daughter seems to be following the same path but this time will be prepared for what the "county" has to say about it. My "me" time has got up and ran away! I'm slowly find it (I hope!)

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