I'm still alive

Hello Everyone!

I know its been a while but I'm still alive. I've been very busy with life, here is a summary...

my kids... sure keep me so busy to begin with
trying to get my photography business more organized & running
never ending cleaning
I'm now certified in CPR & First Aid including infant CPR.
I've joined a Team for Relay for Life (will have more information about ways to help)

Please bear with me while I get flowers in a row, more organized and updated. I have ideas for articles with some days being the same, like what I've started with the crock-pot recipes (updating soon!)


Lexie Lane said...

It's completely understandable Amy. We all have to have a life, right?

Love the new look on the site, btw.

Have a lovely week!


Lisa Ladrido said...

That happens to all of us, I was gone for over 3 months!

Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
I am all a twitter about life

Rachel Joy said...

Oh thank goodness...I started to think you were swallowed whole by that awful monster called Motherhood! Glad to see you back in the mix of things!

Mommy LaDy Club said...

No worries. I really like your header by the way! Nice to meet you on VoiceBoks:)

Dallas Single Mom Examiner said...

Busy is better than nothing to do!

I found you on the Social Moms Network - Members to Remember!

Dallas Single Mom Examiner!

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Lexie, I just can't believe how busy I get nowadays! I hope you are enjoying my blog! Thanks for visiting!

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Lisa, Wow, 3 mos.! That's a while, I hate to not post one day. I'm glad you are back! Thanks for stopping by!

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Rachel, Motherhood sure does keep you busy! Glad it is slowing down a little with the end of my son's school year until the fall. :)

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Mommy, thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad we found voiceBoks!! I've meant a lot of ladies & enjoy reading their blogs.

Mommy AKA Amy said...

@Dallas, busy sure is better than nothing to do but I just can't seem to not find something to do... LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

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